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Praise for "Toe on the Trigger"


“Sneaky clever writing and attitude lift this track from Maximillian Thanksalot above the fray. ‘Toe on the Trigger’ is an in your face Pop Punk track that blends intense lyrics and hard guitar licks to create a vibe that carries the day.


This is the kind of track you have to give a few listens to pick up on everything being laid down but you won’t mind at all. A true mood setter. ”

— Travis Erwin ~ LA on Lock Blogger

"Really like the powerful, edgy, and equally punchy mood on this track. It's rhythmic, biting, and driving  by design. The sound is brimming with classic rock-flavored elements blended with alt-rock and garage  nuances hooks through the flow. It makes for an energetic, easygoing vibe. Musically it gives off this  grounded and crisp feel. Like the edgy grooves complemented by the suiting vocal attitude. It hints at  the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, Jet, Weezer, Jane's Addiction, etc."